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Helpful Storage Tips for Hassle-Free Storage

Useful Packaging Suggestions to Utilize Your Storage Space

We've compiled some packing suggestions so that you can make the most of your storage space at A1 Self Storage Systems.
Use the space available inside the drawers and larger appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators to store small items like towels, linens, and toys. Be sure to take apart large items, such as bed frames, tables, and furniture. Keep all the small parts, like screws, bolts, and washers, and tape them to the item.

Protect Your Furniture From Being Damaged

Wrap furniture legs with soft towels or sheets to prevent scratching and always cover it with furniture covers. Place fragile boxes on top of the heavier, less delicate items. Don't over pack boxes. Contact us for further assistance.

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Label Boxes on All-Sides

For easier identification of boxes, label them on all-sides. Tightly seal the boxes to prevent dust from entering. Use moving pads to keep items off the floor. Make sure that the more-often-needed items are placed in the front.

Drain the Fluids From the Equipment

Drain the fluids before storing equipment, such as lawn mowers. Don't store hazardous materials! When storing files for business, leave a center walkway. Finally, purchase a quality lock to keep your items safe.
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